10 Step Social Media Check List

R’s and the E’s for Social Media Check List

Relevant, Relatable, Emotional, Engaging, and Entertaining.

  1. Set out a business plan and identify which social media network works best for you and your organization.
  2. Brand your networks to help keep a consistent look throughout. If need be, hire a professional graphic designer.
  3. Brainstorm topics, subjects and general content that would be of interest and value to your target market.
  4. Use video, pictures, and blogs. These generally get noticed and shared more and create the highest exposure.
  5. Be consistent. You need to be actively present on your networks in order to remain seen.
  6. Review your analytics. Most if not all social media networks provide some kind of analytics. Use the data to gain insight into your audience to see who is engaged; what time they are engaged, what posts are getting the most attention etc.
  7. Build relationships online and network with others. Social media is meant to be just that, social. Do simple things like share posts, retweet or comment on other pages
  8. Create an email list that will be a valuable marketing tool later on. This will help you get the message out and turn your email list into subscribers for your blog posts.
  9. Don’t try to be everything to everyone when starting out. Work on one network and master that one before moving on to another.

Have fun with it. This should be painstaking it should be fun but keep in mind, you do have to understand how it works, and remember it is called “Social” for a reason.

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